Will All the Bans on Herbal Incense Have an Effect on Marijuana?

By now, everyone has heard or has seen someone with that ridiculous herbal incense, that most stores are selling these days. You know what I am talking about that stuff that kind of looks like marijuana, and comes in either a pouch or a little plastic lip gloss sized container.

Yeah, that stupid stuff. Well if you haven’t noticed off late, many states are starting to ban the sale, or even make the chemical induced product illegal. So that leaves me with the question, because so many ignorant people associate that man-made chemically induced garbage to that 100% pure plant, does it or will it have a negative effect towards marijuana?
Well, lets look at it from two different point of views, a marijuana smokers eyes and a ignorant media driven persons eyes. We’ll start with the Marijuana Smoker first.

Herbal Incense

Marijuana Smoker – Simply no, it won’t have an effect on marijuana, because we all know that stuff is man-made garbage, that cost almost the same as the real thing that some people compare it too. It doesn’t make any sense, if you want to get the real effects of marijuana, you will pay the same price, but without all the chemicals. Your better off spraying a cigarette with an air freshener, let it dry off, and smoke it.

You will save a lot of money.

Media Driven Person – Of course it will, because they believe everything that the almighty person on the news station, tells them too. These are the same people that still believe that movie, that was made over 60 years ago, Refer Madness! So what do you think?

The important thing, is that everyone knows and understands, that that ridiculous product is nothing like that GOD given plant that is used around the world. It is synthetic garbage and is most likely harmful to your health, especially with all the chemicals used in it, were there have been no scientific proof that marijuana causes health concerns. It has actually been proven to help with many different health related issues, and yet we still have to fight for it’s legalization.

Wake up people, if you want to criticize, illegalize, or ban some real products that cause serious health issues, like the cigarettes you allow people to get addicted on and then charge them $10 a pack like it’s a drug, that alcohol which is the number reason for fatal car crashes in the US, and the rest of that chemical induced garbage on the shelves!

And stop bloody drug testing! Saliva and blood drug tests are okey I would say, but THC stays in your hair for up to 90 days. So I will be locked down or fired from my workplace because I smoked one joint 3 months ago!

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Note: The possession, use, and manufacturing of marijuana is illegal in many countries and at no time do I promote any actions that will be considered illegal by any government.

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