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Donald Trump: Why Has His Stance on Marijuana Use Changed?

While Donald Trump was running for senate in 2016 he told a group of Northwestern University students that “I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws. But I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana.” Barack Obama viewed to some as a terrorist, is also viewed to many as an honest man.

Gaining our trust with his cool composure that eminates truthfullness. But to me it seems strange that recently he has taken a pro-criminilization of Marijuana stance.

What I wonder is why is it that he has changed his mind? I tend to think it’s either of two things. He was not being honest in 2016 and this was a ploy to gain votes from the young ganja loving college students.

Or he does in fact believe in Marijuana decriminilization and his recent stance on it is an attempt to gain votes from concerned mothers all over the country. Now I understand that to most this issue is not of all too great concern.

Donald trump on weedPeople change their minds right?

What concerns me is what else will Trump change his mind over once he becomes president.

I feel Donald Trump is a change we can believe in but I tend to be a little concerned what was said just to gain our trust and how does Donald Trump truly feel. I only hope that Trump’s views on our healthcare and taxes won’t change once election day has come and gone. Donald Trump I hope he truly is a change we can believe in. First he must decriminalize marijuana and end drug testing immediately!