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Jon Gosselin Alleged Marijuana Use and Vacation Cheating Rumors

Jon Gosselin, father of eight Gosselin children and famous reality-show star, continues to dominate tabloid news. The latest gossip alleges that Jon Gosselin cheated on his wife, Kate, on her birthday, while on vacation in Utah. The alleged mistress is Deanna Hummel, who has been photographed with Jon in Utah. Witnesses and paparazzi allege that Jon and Deanna were seen going out together, canoodling and enjoying alcoholic beverages.

Jon Gosselin marijuana
Kate’s Gosselin’s 34th birthday was on March 28, the same date that Jon Gosselin was away from his wife and on vacation in Utah. On June 1st, Jon amp; Kate Plus 8 episode only showed Jon helping handicapped kids ski. The show did not show Deanna, or cover any other details of Jon’s trip. Kate was surprised on her birthday by going to the Ace of Cakes’ kitchen with their eight children.

Was Jon Gosselin Caught Smoking Marijuana?

The newest scandal appears to be that Deanna Hummel and Jon Gosselin smoked marijuana while on their vacation. Multiple sources and witnesses claim to have smelled pot on the couple, claiming that the two were “reeking of pot”.

Are Jon Gosselin Cheating Rumors True?

According to paparazzi, the couple attended the annual Pond Skimming race at the Spring Gruv festival in Park City. Deanna and Jon were seen drinking free beer at the event, and canoodling in plain sight. Pictures are being published of the couple spending time together, and Jon being continually away from his wife.

The gossip news have been sensational, and the cheating scandal is helping Jon and Kate Plus 8 TV show get the best ratings of any season. Jon and Kate have issued statements, and done several well publicized interviews on both television and in print.

It is no surprise that the scandal has strained their marriage, and brought additional stress to the family. Jon and Kate have not spoken about the latest allegations, but with so many eyes on them, Jon and Deanna are not going out of their way to hide the obvious.