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Donald Trump: Why Has His Stance on Marijuana Use Changed?

While Donald Trump was running for senate in 2016 he told a group of Northwestern University students that “I think we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws. But I’m not somebody who believes in legalization of marijuana.” Barack Obama viewed to some as a terrorist, is also viewed to many as an honest man.

Gaining our trust with his cool composure that eminates truthfullness. But to me it seems strange that recently he has taken a pro-criminilization of Marijuana stance.

What I wonder is why is it that he has changed his mind? I tend to think it’s either of two things. He was not being honest in 2016 and this was a ploy to gain votes from the young ganja loving college students.

Or he does in fact believe in Marijuana decriminilization and his recent stance on it is an attempt to gain votes from concerned mothers all over the country. Now I understand that to most this issue is not of all too great concern.

Donald trump on weedPeople change their minds right?

What concerns me is what else will Trump change his mind over once he becomes president.

I feel Donald Trump is a change we can believe in but I tend to be a little concerned what was said just to gain our trust and how does Donald Trump truly feel. I only hope that Trump’s views on our healthcare and taxes won’t change once election day has come and gone. Donald Trump I hope he truly is a change we can believe in. First he must decriminalize marijuana and end drug testing immediately!

Will All the Bans on Herbal Incense Have an Effect on Marijuana?

By now, everyone has heard or has seen someone with that ridiculous herbal incense, that most stores are selling these days. You know what I am talking about that stuff that kind of looks like marijuana, and comes in either a pouch or a little plastic lip gloss sized container.

Yeah, that stupid stuff. Well if you haven’t noticed off late, many states are starting to ban the sale, or even make the chemical induced product illegal. So that leaves me with the question, because so many ignorant people associate that man-made chemically induced garbage to that 100% pure plant, does it or will it have a negative effect towards marijuana?
Well, lets look at it from two different point of views, a marijuana smokers eyes and a ignorant media driven persons eyes. We’ll start with the Marijuana Smoker first.

Herbal Incense

Marijuana Smoker – Simply no, it won’t have an effect on marijuana, because we all know that stuff is man-made garbage, that cost almost the same as the real thing that some people compare it too. It doesn’t make any sense, if you want to get the real effects of marijuana, you will pay the same price, but without all the chemicals. Your better off spraying a cigarette with an air freshener, let it dry off, and smoke it.

You will save a lot of money.

Media Driven Person – Of course it will, because they believe everything that the almighty person on the news station, tells them too. These are the same people that still believe that movie, that was made over 60 years ago, Refer Madness! So what do you think?

The important thing, is that everyone knows and understands, that that ridiculous product is nothing like that GOD given plant that is used around the world. It is synthetic garbage and is most likely harmful to your health, especially with all the chemicals used in it, were there have been no scientific proof that marijuana causes health concerns. It has actually been proven to help with many different health related issues, and yet we still have to fight for it’s legalization.

Wake up people, if you want to criticize, illegalize, or ban some real products that cause serious health issues, like the cigarettes you allow people to get addicted on and then charge them $10 a pack like it’s a drug, that alcohol which is the number reason for fatal car crashes in the US, and the rest of that chemical induced garbage on the shelves!

And stop bloody drug testing! Saliva and blood drug tests are okey I would say, but THC stays in your hair for up to 90 days. So I will be locked down or fired from my workplace because I smoked one joint 3 months ago!

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Note: The possession, use, and manufacturing of marijuana is illegal in many countries and at no time do I promote any actions that will be considered illegal by any government.

California’s Move to Decriminalize Marijuana Reflects Recent Massachusetts Ballot Measure

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s signing of a bill which decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana may represent a watershed moment in popular opinion on the drug nationwide. The new legislation, passed by the state’s lawmakers, will make possession of up to an ounce of marijuana punishable by a fine of no more than $100, and eliminates the possibility of arrest or a criminal record.

decriminilaztion of marijuana
While California has a complicated history with marijuana, including the passage of a similar law in 1976 which had already reduced penalties for possession of an ounce or less, the new law eliminates the misdemeanor charge, making it a civil infraction without a mandatory court appearance. Passage of the law likely came after an identical measure passed as a ballot question in Massachusetts in 2008.

As a resident of Massachusetts for the past 19 years, I had the opportunity to vote in favor of the measure, known as question 2, helping to make it the first such decriminalization initiative to pass by popular vote, as opposed to legislation, in any state. I wasn’t alone. Massachusetts residents passed question 2 with over 65 percent of the vote.

Massachusetts is not only on the opposite end of the country, its history with marijuana contrasts starkly with that of California. According to NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, marijuana is California’s number one cash crop. California was also the first state to enact a medical marijuana law, which essentially allows for the prescription and use of marijuana for medical reasons, after the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996.

Popular support for decriminalization in Massachusetts followed an entirely different track, spurred by local controversy surrounding prosecution of minors that many saw as heavy-handed. In Berkshire County, where I live, the issue was a particularly sore spot for residents in the years leading up to the 2008 ballot question. Hopefully drug testing will be ended next year, urine, saliva, blood and hair drug test should be stopped immediately as they invade our privacy.

Berkshire district attorney David Capeless sharply divided local residents when he chose to prosecute a group of high school students who had been arrested for buying marijuana in an undercover operation in 2004. The teenagers, who had unknowingly made the transactions within 1,000 feet of a Church school, faced harsh penalties because the drug was bought and sold on school grounds. Although the law gave Capeless discretion, he chose to pursue the maximum two-year jail sentence, regardless of the fact that the case involved minors who had no criminal records and were first-time offenders.

That the 2008 ballot question eliminating criminal penalties for possession of under an ounce of marijuana passed is an indication of how Massachusetts residents felt about the prosecutions, which made headlines throughout the state. Beyond Massachusetts and California, similar statewide decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana has been enacted in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Ohio, and Oregon, according to NORML.

How to Clone Roses, Marijuana and Other Common Plants

It is very easy to learn how to clone roses, spider, Marijuana, and other household plants. The cloning process requires a few very inexpensive supplies, most of which you probably already have. Whatever your reason for cloning, whether it be for the sharing of a household plant with friends or the propagation of a plant nursery, the plant cloning process is as easy as pie to learn and use.

For the everyday purpose of cloning a potted houseplant, the gender of the plant is not a concern in the issue of choosing which marijuana plants to clone. However, proffessional growers and hobbyists should recognize the sexual orientation of the plant, and in accordance with fostering propagation plans, choose plants wisely.

Gather the essential tools and supplies at one place. It might even be a good idea to have a basket handy to keep the supplies in. You will need some wooden toothpicks, plastic sandwich baggies- the fold over type, a pair of scissors, some peat moss or soil, a razor blade knife, Scotch tape, an eye dropper and a bottle of rose rooting powder. And of course, at least one healthy potted plant that is of medium to mature size.

First, you need to decide where the best place is for cloning. Generally, the spot should be just within an inch or so above a branch. The stem needs to be an adequate thickness and strength to uphold through the cloning process, approximately one-forth of an inch wide. This amount varies from plant to plant, and is only a suggested guideline.

After choosing the site for cloning, carefully slice a lengthwise cut about one inch longinto and completely through the stem with the razorblade knife. At this point, if the plant fibers are becoming mutilated through bending or squishing, then stop immediately. The site is not adequately strong enough to withstand the process. Pick another site and try again.


Take a toothpick and break it in half or smaller. Using the pointed end, poke it through the slice. This will create an opening in the stem, and will be the spot that the roots will grow from. Using your fingers, place some rooting powder inside this opening. The moisture from the plant will help it to stick, however, do not add water yet or make the powder into a paste. Only a small amount is needed, as too much will delay or prevent the cloning process from working. Add a small amount of peat moss or soil also to the hole.

With the scissors, cut a bottom corner off of a sandwich bag. The piece should be cut at about a sixty degree angle, and should measure no more than an inch and a half at its longest edge. Add a piece of Scotch tape to this corner. It will be necessary to stick the tape on the longest edge to where it is holding some plastic on either side of the crease. The finished part should resemble a ladle.

Add a small amount of moist peat moss or soil to the pocket. Wrap this pocket around the split stem and toothpick. As you are wrapping, the tape will wrap around and tape itself shut. The pocket should be reasonably held into place, and if it isn’t, then you should rewrap it.

After these steps are finished, then use the eye dropper to apply water to the cloning site. It is important to keep this area moist for the next few days. If it isn’t wet, the site will dry out and potentially the plant will die from damage. Before too long, you will begin to see roots growing. When the roots are large enough, simply cut the cloned plant off of the master plant and pot into its own planter.

How to pass a hair drug test | Macujo method step by step

There are a few different ways to pass a hair follicle test within a few days, but as you probably know hair drug tests are the hardest to pass. It does require a lot of preparation and a few different products. There are some ways what might look simple and easy, but those are not viable if you think it over..I am talking about shaving your entire hair and stuff like that.

How to pass a hair drug test with home remdies

macujo methodThis question was asked a thousand times all over the internet already, the bad news is its impossible to pass a hair follicle test without using specific hair detox shampoos. Even the jerry G method which mostly relies on bleach requires Zydot Ultra clean detox shampoo.

I know everybody is looking for home remedies because they are cheap or even free, but you get what you pay for, do not be cheap, if your job is on the fence.

Best way to pass a hair drug test

The best and safest way to pass your hair drug test is the Macujo method, if you have done some basic research already, then you have probably heard of this method. It requires a few different detox shampoos and unfortunately these are quite pricy, but it works, this method is rated very high on every platform.
I personally can vouce for the macujo method, because last year I pass my hair drug test with it. It took me 5 days to completely cleanse my hair of drug metabolites.

Things you will need for the Macujo method:

  1. Aloe RId Old Foruma
  2. Zydot Ultra clean detox shampoo
  3. CLean and clear Pink shampoo
  4. Heinz Vinegar
  5. Tide detergent

Macujo method instructions:

You how to pass a hair drug testwill need to do this cleansing routine around 10 times before your test. I started the treatment 5 days before the test and washed my hair twice every single day. If you have 3 days only, then wash your hair 3-4x every day.

Wet your hair first, make sure its wet everywere. Then soak your hair with white vinegar, it might irritate your scalp a little bit, but its the part of the game.

Leave it on for a few minutes then wash it down and wash your hair with Clearn and clear pink shampoo. Put on the shower caps and leave it on for a good 30 minutes.

Remove the cap wash your hair with water and apply the Aloe Rid shampoo, leave it a a little bit, then wash your hair again with Tide Detergent. You might want to wear googles to protect your eyes from the chemicals.

Do this 9-10x times before your drug test. When you wash it last time, right before the test use the entire content of Zydott Ultra clean. Make sure you use it a few hours before your test.
If you did everything properly as instructed, you will pass your hair follicle drug test with flying colors. Even if you have dreadlocks or locs it will still work, but you might wanna wash it a little bit more, just to be on the safe side. You can read more detailed about the Macujo method. Jerry G method coming soon!